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So it time of the year , where finals is in progress or around the corner .  I would like to leave two inspiration videoes for you. Good luck in your exams

Part 2:- Bleaching

In Part 1:-Be happy with your colour, I talked about pigmentation. In part 2 of the article ,  I will be talking about bleaching skin . In today society especially in the Africian and Asian descendants, people used various beauty cream skin to have lighter skin.  People gives various reasons on why they choose to  lighten their skin.  Some reason that where given are :- it’s easier to get  a job or promotion at work , to fit in with there peers depends on the cultural demographic  or to look pretty . Just to name a few reasons.

But what most people don’t understand , is that the bleaching cream is supposed to be a steroidal cream. Meaning that the cream is suppose to be prescribed by a physician because of the nature of the cream , that is, it consist of steriods. Infacts, the cream supposed  to be used up to two to three months under doctor’s orders. Since the cream consist  of active ingredient (s):- Hydroquione, Clobetasol Propionate, Batamethasane  which are steriods.  With these ingredients, it can lead to long term damage if used for a long time.The damage of the skin can lead to the thinning and damage of the skin, which would eventually lead to acne.  It’s also easier  for bacteria to infect the skin  which can increase the risk of skin cancer which can cause the body natural defense  against infection of the sun.

There can also be complication in using these products which may cause or includes fatal liver and kidney damages, if the steriods enter into the blood stream. There can also be weight gain, fluid retention or an increase  in the white blood cells.


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Word of Advice 113

Finals around the corner. First I would like to say all the best when the time come. When revising for exams start with the hardest topic or the topic you was having trouble with in the semester and then work your way down to the easiest topics. 

Climate change vs the world

The new documentary film  called Before the Flood which was directed by Fisher Stevens and Leonardo DiCarprio was premier , on sunday October 30th. This film had given the world an eye opener about where the world stand pretaining to climate change. It was such a phenomenal film but it leave so much unanswer questions.

When the film had finish, I realise there is so much work to be done to educated the public about climate change . Since the world is being destroy by the minute no by the second as we speak. It make me wonder, will our future generation will be able to see this wonderful world that we are able to enjoy at the moment? But really how are we going to educate the public ? I think that is one of the main concerns, since most people don’t  believes in climate change far less science . Since people  just believe it just theories that scientist make up to get people attention.   While the major business and political people just using it as a money gain since most doesnt even believe in it. Just saying oh it a gimmick…..Like really? Do these people don’t see the effects climate change is having on the world?

If we look carefully;  outside is getting hotter or colder, there is water and food scarcity aound the world, the ecosytem is effects daily which threatened people lively hood and reduction of food , migration to other countries,  drought,  melting of ice cap at the artic …… oh I can go on but these just a few examples.  But still the big oil companies still drilling oil because it bring in a great deal of income for the respective countries and people still cutting down trees especially  in the three remaining rainforest that are in the world today. Do people know how important these rainforest are?

At the ParisAgreement in 2015, there was talk about  having the sea temperature below 2 degree . At the rate in which   the people are  still using fossil fuel, will that even matter?  Will we even meet that target? At the moment there are carbon tax, this is where each countries suppose to tax the amount of carbon used. This is suppose  to reduce the use of consumption on earth. But will this work or people would see this as a way in bring in money for the country? And is all countries on board with carbon tax for it to become effective?

As a future scientist who would love to work in the environment.  I believe I have my work cut out. Not only in making policies and working in the lab to try to combact climate change and the related implications. But finding away to capture people minds and showing that  it is real.

In conclusion,  it was wonderful film. It explains the various implications around the world on how climate change is causing problems.  It touch on how it affects human and ecosystems  which is wonderful.  It include the world leaders, scientist views and political leaders also. But I believe that it can explain some of the basic science to the viewers who didnt understand the scientific terms. And it could have been a two part film to get more information in, cause I think it was heavily edit cause them want it to be too boring but I give the creators about 7/10.

The argument is over, anyone that doesn’t believe that climate change is happening doesnt believes in science by Leonardo DiCarprio